Get To Know Us

Hello beautiful friends!

We are Prerna and Ronaq aka preruronu! A newly married couple living in Noida. This is our blog where we hope to share with you all that is beautiful and inspiring from the world of interiors, fashion, travel, food and lifestyle.

Our biggest interests include: home decor and entertaining, interiors, personal style, travel, cooking and anything that makes us happy!

We got married in February 2017 and are living together in our new home in Noida. We are having loads of fun setting it up together. Trying to find balance in working full-time, prioritizing our relationship, making time for family and friends and fulfilling all of our passions in life. We hope you enjoy as we share all of these experiences with you!

Some things about us:

  • We are college sweethearts and have been married for a little over 2 years now. {See our wedding shoot here}.
  • We love all types of food but could eat Butter Chicken and Butter Naan day n day every day!
  • Don’t Judge! We are both workaholics. We are co-founders of our home furniture store in Noida. We truly love our work! To say we are obsessed with interior design would be a little understated. We literally live, breathe and crave this amazingly fun and creative profession.

MEET PRERNA: Loves Dogs and Beach Days…

Hi, I’m Prerna. A dreamer with an endless bucket list. Wild at heart yet creative. I am passionate about exploring all sorts of food and cultures. Interiors, travel, fashion and food inspire me the most! I love to cook and spend time with family and friends. I am crazy for dogs. I just adore them way too much!! My all-time dream is to be able to work remotely and indulge in luxurious travel experiences and delicious food.

My perfect day would start with a scrumptious breakfast with some coffee, a few hours of laying on the beach with my boo sipping on a strawberry slush, get a beach massage, happy hour at a beach bar with my toes in the sand and end up in a bed in a beach hut hearing the waves crashing. I’m happiest by the beach and love to cook up fun and healthy meals for us. I’m obsessed with entertaining and decorating our home.

MEET RONAQ: Loves trying any and everything….

Hi I’m Ronaq. I have a desire for living in the moment and making the most of life. Having a very short attention span, I get bored very easily so I’m always in search for our next activity! My current favorite is preparation of my new cricket ground. When we travel I’m the gadget guy; I love finding new and useful techy tools to take with us. I have a gadget for everything! Plus, Preru is constantly breaking things I need to fix.

My perfect day would start with an amazing sunrise since I’m a morning person, preferably on the beach or the mountains (someplace very peaceful). After the camera gear is packed away, I would love to jump into a swimming pool or go biking with my wifey then chill at a nice café for a while to eat and drink. I love our travels because I get to experience new adventures, sometimes things I never thought I’d do. For example, I’m terrified of heights and water, but Preru convinced me to do parasailing in Goa and I’ve been obsessed with both ever since.

I love playing cricket and video games.

This is our Happily Ever After and we are excited to share with you our journey together. We’re learning
what it means to truly love, and we’d love for you to join us as we join our lives as partners.