Grey Living Room Ideas to get that effortlessly stylish look!!

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If you love the idea of using grey in your living room but don’t know where to start, you are not alone. The color grey is a very versatile color that makes it so popular for any modern home. We’ve identified different ideas with tips and advice on getting it right when using grey color in your living room interior.

The color grey comes in a multitude of shades and because of this it can be a tricky color to get right. Grey primarily is considered as a ‘cool’ color however technically it falls in a spectrum of ‘neutral’ tones but it can also be used to create a perfect warm color scheme when styled in the right manner. Using Grey in a living room can help in creating many different looks like that urban edgy and chic look; be calm and soothing or vivid, lively and energetic.

Tip # 1 Choose your grey paint wisely

Grey Living Room Ideas -StylTherapy
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Opt for a matte finish grey paint for your walls – not semi-gloss not high gloss – you want to buy only matte finish grey paint that gives a beautiful flat look, anything apart from that will look like industrial metal. Each shade of grey is capable of creating a different look, feel and style and you need to choose the shade of grey very wisely as whatever you choose will reflect your own personal style. Modern Interior schemes call for cooler, darker, dramatic charcoals whereas vintage, classic inspired schemes have a natural affinity towards warmer blue and lighter tones of grey.

Tip # 2 Add a pop of color with Sunshine Yellow

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If you have already opted for a grey trend for your living room and you’re nervous it will seem too dark, stick to one feature wall and you can always paint the other walls at a later date. You can also add a nice twist to your grey interiors with sunshine yellow accents, relaxed wooden furniture and white accessories.

Tip # 3 Mix grey with pretty pastels  

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Using soft warm greys and mixing them with pastels will help you achieve a pretty color scheme. Grey works very well with pops of color paired with geometric patterns and shades in pink. If you don’t wish to go for grey-all-over, consider creating this cozy look by teaming grey with pink. This pretty color duo packs a stylish look!!

Tip # 4 Combine grey and white to make space look larger

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You can create a relaxing yet spacious looking living room by using a tightly controlled palette of toning greys and neutrals. Lighten the space by using white based artwork and including soft furnishings or by adding sheepskin rugs.

Also, both artificial and natural light is required to make a grey room look and feel less cold. So make sure to keep large windows covered only with sheer curtains that will let the natural light flow in and don’t forget to add in those table lamps, wall scones, chandeliers etc. Layered lighting will keep your grey living room light and energetic.

Tip # 5 Mix grey with Metallics

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There is nothing more glamorous as some beautiful gold accessories paired with a grey palette. The cool grey in your room can easily be warmed up with some stylish metallic accessories in copper, gold or rose gold.

Use different shades of grey throughout your room for a neutral backdrop whilst retaining the focus on the metallic and any other color you wish to introduce.

Love these grey living room tips and ideas? Will you be incorporating grey into your next living room color plan?

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