Sofas to Make Any Room Look Luxe Instantly

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So, I keep coming across clients who want a very luxurious looking sofa for their homes but they aren’t
quite sure what they should buy. They know they want a sofa which makes a style statement in their
home but also which is easy on their pockets. We found the one fabric that’ll make any home look more
expensive instantly: Velvet.

If you want to enhance the look of your space you can never go wrong with this luxe fabric. And because
it’s effortlessly chic and cozy, we’re definitely going to suggest you opt for a velvet sofa. As George
Costanza would say, "I would drape myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable." And honestly, I
couldn’t agree with Seinfeld’s character more.

Ranging from a midcentury modern–inspired chaise lounger to a sophisticated settee, I have curated a
few statement making sofa designs in this swanky fabric that works in any space, no matter in style.

Photo: Furnstyl
Bern Sofa by Furnstyl (Rs. 42,000/-)

You’d never guess this sophisticated sofa was under Rs. 42,000/-

Photo: Furnstyl

Monroe Sofa by Furnstyl (Rs. 48,000/-)

Complete with plush cushions, this statement making sofa boasts a chic design

Photo: Furnstyl

Hamilton Sofa by Furnstyl (Rs. 45,000/-)

Furnstyl’s best-selling sofa was pretty much made for midcentury modern lovers.

Photo: Furnstyl

Johann Sofa by Furnstyl (Rs. 36,000/-)

This unique sofa is a midcentury modern lover’s dream.

Photo: Furnstyl

Emily Sofa by Furnstyl (Rs. 40,000/-)
This luxe sofa brings a dose of drama to a small space.

Hope you liked the designs suggested by me and these ideas would help you get the desired look for
your home. Do share pictures of your sofa purchase with me 😀 I would love to see how you guys have
styled your homes.
Happy Sofa Hunting!!

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