The Buyer’s Guide to a Perfect Dining Table Set

Choosing the right dining table can be an overwhelming affair, especially if you do not know exactly what you’re looking for. There are so many shapes and sized of dining tables and chairs available, the options are simply endless. Which one is right for you? The look of your dining table set is very important but making sure it fits your space and gives you ample seating is also very important. The dining table is the place for families to foregather and dine and also the focal point of any home. The dining table is also an expensive investment so make sure you take your time in your search and take your decision. These simple tips might help you reach your decision faster. Here are a few suggestions.


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Choose the Table Size- Before making your dining table purchase, make sure you have measured the room in which it needs to be placed. Many a times, people end up purchasing a dining which looks extravagant but when it finally reaches their home it makes the room look cramped, not cozy. Push each chair out a couple feet, then measure the total distance across the setting to get a better idea of the actual space a full table will occupy.

As for the dimensions of the table, there are several standard measurements. For example: For a round 4 seater dining table the diameter is usually 48 inches which can fit around 4-5 people easily. 6 seater dining table the standard size is about 60 inches to 72 inches.8 seater dining table the standard table size can range from 84 inches to 96 inches.


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Another important aspect to pay attention at is the dining table height. The standard height of a dining table is 30 inches, but some can be lower or higher. Make sure you pay attention to this so that you have ample leg space and go in sync with the dining chairs.

Choose your Dining Table made of Quality Stuff

If you want your dining table to last with you forever then choose a table made of hardwood such as Sheesham wood or teak wood. There are many dining table options available in the market. Which are durable and economical which are made from engineered wood or plywood and MDF but they are never as strong as solid wood. More common dining table options available these days are in composite wood i.e. MDF which are durable and inexpensive but lack sturdiness of hardwood. Irrespective of the material your dining table is made of make sure the chairs you select are stable and do not wobble.

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Take a seat: When choosing the perfect dining table set for your home. Make sure that the dining chair design is a comfortable option to sit in. When choosing a dining chair, kneel on the seat. Push the back and press on the arms, the chair should be sturdy. When considering chairs upholstered in fabric, find out about the fabric material. Whether it’s hard wearing or will need extra protection. Look of the dining table is important but comfort is foremost.

The feel of a room has less to do with your decorating style. More to do with how well your furniture plan suits the function and proportion of the space. Choosing the right table is important; it is a place where the kids can do their homework, games can be played and meals can be enjoyed. It’s a central point where everyone comes together.

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