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Holi, the festival of colors is right around the corner and I’m damn’ excited to celebrate this day with my family and loved ones. I don’t know about you but Holi is my favoritest festival . I thoroughly enjoy this vibrant festival full of colors, yummy gujjias and of course the thandaai!! I feel this is the most cheerful festival out of all spreading nothing but love and happiness.

protect your skin

As much as I love putting colors on people,  they equally love to cover me in all sorts of colors which in turn takes a toll on my skin and hair. The exposure to these harmful colors can lead to skin and hair problems.

So, there are few things that I love to follow on this day that helps me keep my skin and hair protected and minimize the damage that can be caused due to these harmful colors.

So, before you head out to celebrate Holi 2019, please keep these few helpful tips in mind on how to protect your skin and hair.

Pre Holi Prep:

Skincare: Before heading out, apply a thick layer of almond oil, coconut oil or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) all over your face, neck and body. Be sure to reach the area behind your ears as well.

The oil helps in creating a barrier that stops the colors from getting in direct contact with your skin and also makes it easier to remove the color afterwards.

Don’t forget to apply a generous amount of waterproof sunscreen that has high SPF on top of the oil. Since, holi is mostly played in the open, it’s important to protect our skin from the harmful UV Rays.

protect your skin

Haircare: Be sure to oil your hair properly before playing Holi. Colors usually tend to stick to your scalp and can cause all sorts of hair troubles. You can use any oil but coconut oil or olive oil are the best choice.

If you have long hair then it would be best to tie your hair in a ponytail or a bun.

Another great tip to protect your hair is to cover them with a scarf or bandana apart from applying oil. This is the best way to protect your hair.

protect your skin

Lips: Lips too get stained with colors especially if you have permanent colors on you. You can use any type of lip balm or even lipstick to protect your lips from staining. You can also apply coconut oil or olive oil on your lips as it helps in protecting your lips.

protect your skin

Nails: The most difficult is the color that gets stuck in the nails and the cuticles which takes weeks to get off. Make sure you apply a double coat of a dark colored nail paint on your nails both hand and toenails the night before holi. Also before heading out, dip your nails in any oil and then apply Vaseline on your cuticles and under your nail edges. This will keep your nails protected.

protect your skin

Post Holi Care:

  • Don’t delay taking a bath. After playing with colors we often tend to sit and relax because either we are too tired or too lazy to go and take a bath immediately. However, its important for us to hit the shower right away after playing holi to avoid drying up of the colors and to prevent the colors from entering deep into our pores which makes it even more difficult to get rid of.
  • Make sure you use gentle cleansers on your skin while taking a bath as it will prevent the skin from getting irritated further. Don’t rub your skin too much as it can damage your skin.
  • Once you have removed the colors, make sure you moisturize your skin well to prevent it from dryness. Once you have rinsed your hair well, make sure you go for a mild shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair properly.
  • To give your hair its moisture back, you can use a nice hair mask. Mix some olive oil with 2 tablespoons of honey and a dash of lemon juice. Leave this hair mask for 20-30 minutes and rinse off with a mild shampoo.
  • If possible use only organic and safe colors. But I know this is something you can’t control. And the next best thing to do is protect yourself by following these simple tips to save yourself from the onslaught of Holi colors.
  • So now in order to protect your skin and hair from harmful colors this Holi, you know what to do!

Have a fun Holi you all.

Much Love,


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