How to Decorate Your Window Sills & Make Them More Useful & Beautiful

StylTherapy    Many a times we forget the small details of our house. The window sills of your house may not be the focal point but they are still prime and have the power to brighten up any room. There is something very special when it comes to decorating garden windows. Maybe it’s the abundant light they let in or the ability to add an exquisite look to your space. No matter the reason, decorating window sills into garden windows can add a lot of style and ambience to a room. Don’t hesitate to make your window sills interesting.

Best Ways to Decorate Your Window Sills

Tip#1:Add Plants –The most obvious use of window sills is adding plants. You can showcase your green thumb with beautiful, small plants in different types of canisters. Mason Jars, Glass Bottles and Vases, old fashioned planters…there are so many possibilities. Studies show that having plants in your home does wonders for the subconscious mind. Their soothing effects can’t be ignored. It’s also a great way to add freshness and more oxygen to your room.


Tip#2: Placing a bowl of fruits – Placing a bowl of different fruits on the window sill is also a great way to add color and freshness into your room. You can use any design bowl and some fresh fruits that are readily available at your home and Voila! You have a designer window sill. Another way is by adding a counter top and it can serve as either a breakfast bar or an added work surface in the kitchen.


Tip#3: – Paint it – You can also paint the insides of the window and sills and add a vibrant color to your space. This is a very easy idea which can be transferred to your home and add some quirkiness to the interiors.


Tip#4: Placing candles – Add instant romance to your home by adding some candles and lighting them in the evening. Set up your at home date night with this really easy idea, this will not only add an atmosphere of romance but also give your home the perfect glow for a relaxing evening.


So set your imagination free and create a garden window that you love! And if you have any ideas for making a window sill look spectacular, we’d love to hear them.
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