First Time in Phi Phi Islands – Travel Guide

Phi Phi Islands - Long Island

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, must be aware that my Hubby and I went for a vacation to Thailand to celebrate our 2 Years Wedding Anniversary in February. We visited Phuket and Phi Phi Islands. My favorite part of the trip was visiting the Phi Phi Islands (My First Time In Phi Phi Islands) which is a very popular tourist destination due to its crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, limestone cliffs and a crazy nightlife.

We were short on time which is why we didn’t visit Bangkok but we would hopefully plan a trip dedicated only to Bangkok.

First Time In Phi Phi Islands

I have been getting lots of questions about my trip to Phi Phi Islands so I’m putting together a comprehensive travel guide based on my experience, which will hopefully answer all your questions.

How to Get There:

  • Koh Phi Phi is accessible from both Krabi and Phuket. The only way to access Koh Phi Phi is through the beautiful sea. There are many options available like going through a ferry or a speedboat. There are ferries available from both Phuket and Krabi, but the frequency of the ferries and the time varies from season to season.
  • We took a flight from Delhi to Phuket and a taxi from Phuket Airport to the Rassada Pier which cost us 600 bhat for the two of us. Travel Time: 40 Minutes.
  • We took a ferry from the Rassada Pier to Koh Phi Phi which dropped us at the Tonsai Pier.
  • The ferry ride takes around 2 hours to reach Koh Phi Phi. The boats are really well maintained and also have air conditioning with comfortable seats. There are also decks outside from where you can enjoy the view of the clear blue waters. They also have some paid snacks and bar available and clean restrooms.
  • The ferry ride cost us 1000 baht per person (round-trip). The speedboat costs higher which is 1000 baht per person (one-way) which is why we decided to take the ferry instead. However, the speedboat takes only 45 minutes to reach the islands, whereas the ferry took us 2 hours to reach.
  • Upon arrival at Phi Phi pronounced as ‘Pee-Pee’, you have to pay a 20 baht environmental tax fee which helps with the maintenance and cleanliness of the island.
  • There are no cars or motorbikes available on the island and you have to cover everything on foot. Meaning upon arrival – you will have to carry your luggage to your hotel (unless your hotel provides pick up and drop service). Else you can find many men with wheelbarrows at the pier, so you could pay them a small fee and they will take your luggage till your hotel.

Where to Stay

  • We stayed at the Phi Phi Villa Resort because it was decently priced for the peak season we went in. We paid around Rs. 7,200/- per night (around 3000 bhat) for a Luxury Private Villa. We made our bookings through This included pick up and drop from the pier as well as breakfast. As per the claims this Resort makes with respect to being a luxury boutique resort we felt that it was sub-par (not so bad and not that great).

Phi Phi Villa Resort- Phi Phi Islands

  • The room was nice and well equipped and we had a private balcony with a garden view. We were also given free water. The resort also had a nice swimming pool facing the sea which almost felt like a private beach

  • The good part about our resort was that it was located in a much quieter place, a ten minutes walk away from the Tonsai Pier and the LohDalum Bay (away from the party madness place).
  • The island also has lots of cheaper hotel and hostel options for accommodation which would be great for solo travelers or group of friends who don’t want to spend much on hotel stays.

Where to Eat:

  • Phi Phi Islands has a variety of food choices serving multiple cuisines throughout. It’s packed with a number of restaurants and lots of street food options available. Just take a stroll around the islands and you will find a number of food joints with many options of food to choose from. You will be able to find anything from seafood to thai to indian as well as American and continental food.

  • While our stay we just took a walk around the streets and decided to eat what we liked in the moment. Must Try: Their mango sticky rice and pancakes. You will find many street vendors making pancakes with different fruits and nutella and caramel. We tried their mango nutella pancake which we absolutely loved!

Mango Sticky Rice - Phi Phi Islands

  • If you’re a muslim, you will be able to find lots of Halal food restaurants so you won’t have any problem. If you’re a vegetarian, then also you won’t have any problem as there are lots of restaurants that serve vegetarian food as well.
  • Another very popular thing at Phi Phi is their buckets. You get different mocktail as well as cocktail concoctions at very cheap prices (starting 200 bhat) in a bucket which you can keep sipping, on the go and explore the streets of Phi Phi.
  • We also tried their burgers, wraps and huge pizza slices which were absolutely delicious. Phi Phi Islands is full of small eating joints which serve freshly cooked food made by their locals. Lots and lots of options to choose from.

What To Do in Koh Phi Phi:

Island Hopping: There are many beautiful islands and hotspots near Koh Phi Phi that can be visited. You can book a tour for the same via a long tail boat which starts from around 1000 THB which covers different places alternatively you can also hire a taxi boat driver for 6 hours which costs around 3,000 THB which are negotiable. So make sure your bargaining skills are on point.

But we decided to book our tour through the Phi Phi Pirate Boat Tour which was an amazing experience. It was costlier compared to all other tours we found but somehow this sounded very interesting to us. We paid around 2000 THB each for this tour which covered Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, Pi Leh Lagoon, Vinkings Cave and Bamboo Islands. This trip also included snorkeling and kayaking. They also provided us with fresh fruits and freshly cooked food in house. They also were offering paid alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

This was one of the best experience that we could have had. It was like going on a party on a boat in the middle of the sea. We boarded the Pirate Boat at around 12 noon and were back only after the sunset.

With great music and some mesmerizing views we had a lovely day tour in the Pirate Boat Tour.

MONKEY BEACH: So our first stop was the Monkey Beach. The Monkey Beach is a very famous tourist destination of Phi Phi Islands located Northwest of the LohDalum Bay which is a home to a colony of monkeys. These monkeys are known to be aggressive and they can grab anything from you. We also saw a few of them fighting over food a tourist had given to one of them. Also, try to make sure you don’t have many things with you like purse, bags, food items, water bottles etc because these monkeys tend to snatch things away from you and can also bite you. At the end of it they are wild animals.

However, if not irritated, they can also be very friendly and even get pictures clicked with you. I didn’t have the courage to have him climb my back or arm like many others from our tour did but I could manage to sit beside him and get a pic clicked.

MAYA BAY: Next we headed to Maya Bay. May Bay is the exact destination where the famous movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio, ‘The Beach’ was shot. And Wow!! Is it spectacular!! Crystal Blue water and limestone cliffs and a view to die for.

Unfortunately the Thai Government has restricted entry into the Beach due to the damage caused to the marine life because of the commercialization of this spot. This was a very popular tourist spot and everyday thousands of tourists raided the place with several long tail bots and speedboats coming to and fro that eventually the marine life suffered so much that they had to close access to the beach for an indefinite period.

Pi Leh Lagoon: Next we went to the Pi Leh Lagoon where we went snorkeling and kayaking and that was a very adventurous experience for us. We first went kayaking. We had to take our own kayaks so Ronaq and I went Kayaking together and had a whole tour of the lagoon. The views were just so breathtaking and spectacular. Unfortunately we lost all the video footage and pictures as we lost our action camera on the last day of our trip. L

Then we went snorkeling which was again so much fun but again sadly we lost all the underwater video footage and pictures L

But this experience was so worth it that words can’t express.

BAMBOO BEACH: Our last stop was the Bamboo Beach. One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The white sandy beaches were so clean and the sand was so soft. I just felt like I could stay there forever. We found so many seashells at the beach. It was almost time for sunset and we felt so romantic. We took a long walk at the beach and then decided to hit the water. We swam in the water for sometime and then laid in the sand for sometime.

Koh Phi Phi was a great trip for us that exposed us to a whole new way of life – island life! From laying on the beach to shopping for inexpensive bohemian clothes and trinkets to just exploring the natural beauty all around, Phi Phi Islands is definitely a traveler’s paradise.

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