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So, there’s one skincare category that does not receive as much attention as its worth which is Cleansing . For many, cleansing their face after their day is over is a step they tend to ignore and manage to do away with. However, they do not understand the importance of cleansing their skin with an oil or balm which are a game-changer in the skincare field.

follow this everyday

I make sure I cleanse my face every day, once in the morning and then at night and this is a skincare ritual I never fail to skip or miss no matter how tired I am. Before going to bed I make sure I double cleanse my face and make it free from all the makeup, dirt and sweat stuck on my skin and are clogging my pores. Not removing your make up and cleansing your face is the worst thing to do to your skin. So I thought I shall discuss with you the importance of using cleansing oils and crèmes as part of your daily skincare. I have also listed out a few of my current favorites so you can also get straight to shopping.

Why Do We Need Facial Cleansers?

  1. Cleansing oils and balms are oil or cream based cleansers that attract dirt and makeup like a magnet. Through the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, pollution, dirt and old dead skin cells. Cleansers help in removing these impurities from the skin and give it a fresh look.
  2. Excessive dirt build up can cause blockages of the pores trapping sweat and other bacteria. Proper skin cleansing will prevent dirt buildup, help in maintaining clear skin and decrease the chances of a breakout.
  3. Cleansing helps in other skincare products and treatments work properly as the products penetrate better into the skin post cleansing.
  4. Cleansing encourages proper hydration of the skin and prevents the production of excess oils.
How to Use Facial Cleansers in Your Skincare
  1. Facial cleansers should be applied as the first step in your skincare regimen.
  2. The product should be applied directly to dry skin (even with makeup on), massaged for few minutes and then rinsed away with warm water.
  3. After cleansing with an oil or cream it is best to follow up with a water-based cleanser like a foaming cleanser or gel. This step will ensure that all the remaining gunk and oil has been removed and you are left with an immaculately clean face.
  4. After both steps, your skin will be squeaky clean and healthier- and is ready to drink up whatever products you apply next.
Most Recommended Cleansing Oils or Balms Your Skin Will Thank You For
  1. Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil – Rs. 1400/-

This cleansing oil is one of my most favorite amongst oil cleansers I have used so far. This cleansing oil dissolves makeup and impurities and gently cleanses and hydrates the skin. This cleansing oil is formulated with freshly double squeezed Jeju Green Tea Extract. This cleanser not only cleans but hydrates and revitalizes my skin resulting in soft, supple and glowing skin instantly.

Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil

  1. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream – Rs. 595/-

The Faceshop Rice Water Cleansing Cream is a very soft and moisturizing cleansing cream with the texture of whipped cream. It deep cleanses the skin and easily removes the tiniest traces of makeup making the skin feel softer, smoother, bright and refreshed. This cleansing cream is formulated with skin brightening rice extract.


  1. Lakme Deep Cleanser Cleansing Milk – Rs. 115/-

Another great cleanser with trusted ingredients. This cleanser penetrates deep into the pores to lighten and cleanse. This cleansing milk is light, aromatic and dissolves makeup and oil in a splash. This is also very easy on the pocket. The cleansing milk is enriched with avocado extracts and vitamin E and both these ingredients are responsible for adding moisture and health to your skin.


  1. Kiko Milano Pure Clean Cream – Rs. 830/-


The Kiko MilanoPure Clean Cream is a gentle face cleansing cream. The formula contains water lily and cherry blossom extracts with their softening properties. The soft, creamy texture is easy to apply and feels wonderful. It cleanses the skin with extreme delicacy and is dermatologically tested on delicate skin. Best part is that its parabens free.

  1. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil – Rs. 849/-


The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil is a brightening deep cleansing oil that effectively cleanses away impurities and heavy makeup from the skin with its light watery texture. The plant based ingredients such as rice bran oil and jojoba oil keeps the skin looking clean and bright.

Do you guys use a cleansing oil or cream? If so, which is your fave? Let me know in the comments below!

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