The Ultimate Guide to Winter Skin Care

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It’s been a busy busy schedule for me from past few days because of which I haven’t been able to post much!! Overall this has been an amazing week for me due to my parent’s wedding anniversary celebrations to our living room makeover. I am feeling more than happy now that everything’s done!
So now that the temperature is dropping, we all know Winter is here! We all love Winter!! Don’t We? Arrival of winter means a few different things – a change in weather, a change in wardrobe and of course a change in our Skin Care Routine. I’m sure by now we all have stocked up on pom-pom hats, sweaters and jackets to protect our body from the cold. But what should you be doing to protect your skin?
As the temperature decreases, so does your skin’s moisture. In a weather like this my skin can get really cranky without the proper care and routine. If your skin becomes itchy, dry, flaky or chapped, in winter like mine here are some winter skincare tips for you to follow and keep your winter skin healthy and happy!
Moisturize Deeply – The most important winter skin care tip is to make sure that you keep it well moisturized. You may want to change your moisturizer. Try using a slightly heavier

moisturizer than you use in summer, although still make sure that it’s suitable for your skin type. Make sure you apply your moisturizer twice a day, after washing, and preferably to damp skin. Applying moisture to damp skin helps seal that dampness into the skin. If you feel you need something additional, you can take two drops of coconut oil/ almond oil and work it into your skin as well, particularly in those areas that are dry or flaky.

Exfoliation is a Must – Dead skin cells can clog pores and interfere with the performance of your skincare products. Exfoliate your face regularly, about 1-3 times per week, to help your serum and moisturizer penetrate the skin. During the cold months, the most important winter skincare tip is to add a gentle exfoliator. When skin becomes extra dry it’s a good idea to regularly exfoliate.

A quick DIY at home scrub can be prepared for this purpose. All you need is some granulated sugar, honey and coconut oil. The sugar will help in polishing your skin and unclog your pores. And the coconut oil and honey will nourish, moisturize and protect your beautiful skin, leaving it glowingly healthy.

How to Use Sugar Scrub: Mix together all 3 ingredients mentioned above and apply this scrub evenly throughout your body while in the shower. Massage this throughout your body and leave it on for 10-15 minutes to reap maximum benefits. Apply your favorite body butter after exfoliating to add even more softness to your skin! Use 2-3 times a week for a healthy, glow. Always make sure you are applying sugar scrub to wet skin.

Overall Body Care – During the winter season, we not only need to take care of our face but also care for our body like legs, arms, hands and feet. Try and wear gloves when washing dishes. Products that have extra glycerin and rich oils help in keeping the skin moisturized and healthy.

Quick Tip- Try using coconut oil all over your body after a bath. Trust Me! It will work wonders on your skin and keep it hydrated all day long. An extra gift is that added shine to your skin!

Keep your showers and baths short and not too hot – Having a hot shower or bath can cause skin irritation if the weather is cold. Also hot showers strip the natural moisture out of the skin and hair. So whenever you are going in for a bath, always turn the temperature down from hot to lukewarm. Excessively hot water also dehydrates the skin.

Use Sunscreen – The air may be cooler, but that does not mean that you are not at risk from harmful UV Rays during the winter months. UV rays can interfere with the skin’s barrier function, causing a reduction in ceramide levels and preventing skin from holding on to any moisture.

Always use a moisturizer or foundation with an SPF of 30 or higher every morning. Make sure you carry a sunscreen powder with you in your purse for any touch-ups needed throughout the day, especially if you spend any time outdoors.

Keeping your winter skin soft and smooth doesn’t have to be difficult. With just a few simple changes to your winter skincare routine, you can have great skin on your face and body all year long.


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